SuperBowl LVIII: A great game and fighting anti-Semitism

The Superbowl stadium. Wikipedia, Amin asheiker

Last night, the Super Bowl – the final game of the NFL (the american football league), was played in Las Vegas. The game is considered to be a cultural event, with huge performances by musicians in the half-time brake, presence of celebrities and public figures, and a regularly record-breaking broadcast (with at least 100 million people watching in the USA this year, and many more abroad). Naturally, this makes advertising during the broadcast extremely expensive – about $7 million per half a.minute of advertising, to be exact. Usually, the ads on this broadcast are invested and highly developed because of their cost – and therefore many fans chose to watch them for the entertainment pleasure.

This year, an advertisement was bought in the middle of the broadcast dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism, which has raised its head in the United States and around the world in the recent months, as an outcome of the war in Gaza. The funder of the Ad is Robert Craft – a Jewish-American billionaire and a owner of one of the league’s strongest teams. In the commercial, words were brought in by Clarence B. Jones, known as the Martin Luther King Jr. speechwriter (including ‘I Have a Dream’), a civil rights activist in the 60s who is now considered a symbol by many. The message of the advertisement was simple: Anti-Semitism will not prevail unless if you accept it by silence. Only the silence of good people allows bad people to express and execute their schemes.

This year’s Super Bowl became even more popular than usual, riding the wave of Taylor Swift fans. In recent years, Swift has become the world’s richest and most successful singer by far, and was even chosen as Time magazine’s “Woman of the Year” for 2023. In recent months, Swift has been dating Travis Kelce, one of the stars of the Kansas City Chiefs team, attracting millions of her fans. The chiefs, with Kelce’s help, came after a tough fight to the big final, where they faced yesterday the San Francisco 49’rs. It was a reenactment of Super Bowl 2020, which the Chiefs won after an exhilarating upheaval.

This time, the game was less of a upheaval and more of a thriller, with the teams fighting each other until the very last second of the Over-time.But ultimately, what tipped the scales was the great game of Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs 28-year-old quarterback, who led them to a 25–22 victory. In recent years, he has become the best player in the league, and this is his third Super Bowl win in the last five years, and in his six years in the league as a whole, putting him at the top of the all-time players ranking, second only to the great Tom Brady. But don’t worry – at this rate, Mahomes will have time to catch up to him, and we will all have the satisfaction of enjoying a particularly high-quality football.

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