The biggest game in Avdija’s career – so far

Danny avdija. Wikipedia, all-pro reels

Our representative in the NBA – the most powerful and respected basketball league in the world – hits big and strong: In a game played last (Wednesday) night, Danny Avdija set a new career record with 43 points, in a game played by Washington Wizards against the New Orleans Pelicans. In addition, Avdiya played for all 40 minutes of the game, caught 15 (!) Rebounds and delivered 3 assists. This made him even more prominent in the game than his opponent, Zion Williamson, who scored 36 points for the Pelicans and contributed to their final victory, 133–126. Williamson was selected in first place in the 2019 NBA draft, and avdija was ninth place in the 2020 draft.

This is the 7th of the last 8 games in which avdija scores a double-digit number of points, placing him as one of the strongest and most dominant players in his team. The problem – despite the record performance, the team continues to lose. Washington has won only 3 games since the beginning of 2024, and it’s balance is 45-9, second worst in the whole league. In other words, for now, it is too early to dream about the first Israeli ever in the playoffs, let alone a championship. But the future looks bright, as avdija’s name is currently being run by coaches and examiners across NBA teams, who finally recognize his great potential as a player; So there seam to be 2 prominent options: moving a team in the short run, to a stronger and more dominant team – or staying with the Wizards for a period of time, in which avdija will become the main player with a new team beeing built around him, which will give him great strength in the long run.

Danny Avdiya is the only Israeli currently playing in the NBA (although Yam Madar has the potential to join him in the near future), and represents our country faithfully; as an Israeli national team player he has never denied his country, and expressed strong and lasting support during this challenging time. At his peak tonight, Avdiah set himself up in the Israeli Hall of Fame, bypassing the record of Omri Caspi; and best of all, he is only 23 years old. A lot of good years of blue and white basketball in the blue and white and red country are waiting

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