The ceremony of the torch-lighting, 2024

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Traditionally, the torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl is the beginning of the Independence Day celebrations, and the passage to the holiday from the Memorial Day which proceeds it. 12 lit beacons symbolizing the tribes of Israel; the lighting is given as a sign of respect and appreciation for individuals who have contributed significantly to Israeli society. This year, the ceremony is mainly marked by the ongoing war, and the recognition of the various groups in Israeli society that enabled and still enable the management of the war.

The beacon of security forces will be lit by representatives of the IDF, the police, the Mossad, the Shin Bet and the Shabas (Jail security), who fought severely during the seventh of October.

The rescue forces beacon will be lit by representatives of MDA (health services), ZAKA (body recognition) and the firefighters, who showed great bravery during the seventh of October.

The beacon of the alert Squads will be lit by 4 civilian squad commanders who showed outstanding performance in the 7/10th (Nir-Am) , and to this day (Metulla).

The Rescuers’ beacon will be lit by five heroic citizens for their efforts to help and save others during the events of 7/10.

The shield beacon will be lit by three senior Air Defence Systems development executives who achieved great success during the Iranian missile attack, one month ago.

The beacon of hope will be lit three Israelis connected to the issue of the hostages, among them Uri Maggidish, who was rescued from the captivity of Hamas.

The beacon of victory of the spirit – will be lit by five Israelis who contributed significantly to national morale, including Iris Haim (mother of the killed hostage, Yotam Haim), and the singers Raviv Keinar and Ivri Lider.

The giving beacon will be lit by five women who supported the combat system significantly from the home front, mainly through aid in food and equipment.

The beacon of medicine and rehabilitation will be lit by five doctors who were involved in the treatment of hundreds of wounded during the war.

The Hasbara beacon – will be lit by three Israelis at the forefront of international information front – including Yousef Haddad, and Ella Keenan.

The Diaspora beacon will be lit by two representatives of Jewish communities in the west, working extensively for Israel since the beginning of the war.

Yesterday, Transportation Minister Miri Regev, who has been in charge of Independence Day ceremonies for many years (since she served as Minister of Culture), published the identity of the 12th beacon: A beacon that will not be lit, for those who are not with us – the 132 hostages who are still in the Gaza Strip, as a gesture of hope and commitment to do everything for their soon return.

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