The old conscription law was passed in the Knesset

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Last night, the Knesset passed by a majority of 63 MKs versus 57 a law, amending the application of “continuous law” to the draft law introduced by the previous Knesset and submitted then only for a first call. According to this law, formulated by then-Defense Minister Benny Gantz, there are gradual targets for the recruitment of Haredim over the next decade, with the goal of reaching the 50% area by the end; At the same time, sanctions will be imposed on those who do not cooperate with the framework, and the age of exemption from recruitment will fall to 23, which will free many learners to the labor market at an earlier age.

This is a good answer to the economic problem, but only a partial solution to the social problem and to the security needs. Indeed, it is not to be assumed that the law will pass in its current formula – both because of the opposition of the ultra-Orthodox MKs to its high demands, and also because of the opposition of many MKs from all other parties to its low demands. The current cooperation to revive the law and its passage in the Knesset, was carried out in order to temporarily overcome the supreme Court’s threat to issue a permanent order to stop funding for yeshiva students who do not enlist if a new draft law is not enacted that meets the Court’s standards (such as the value of equality; There is no certainty that this law will pass the standard) and threaten the stability of the government. This will give the government more time to debate and try to enact a new law – but it does not guarantee its long-term stability.

All coalition members voted in favor of the bill, except Defense Minister Galant, who voted against it, according to a condition he had already submitted a few months ago, regarding the demand for an agreement by the ‘Mamlachti camp’ party for the draft plan to be put to a vote. However, many coalition members made it clear that they voted for the law only technically, and that they would not agree to its final transfer until the necessary amendments were received within the framework of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. The law is now coming to a committee headed by Yuli Edelstein, and stormy discussions are expected to take place in the near future.

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