The resignation of Claudine Gay

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Claudine Gay, thirtieth president of Harvard university, announced her resignation Tuesday, following her failure to condemn the Hamas attacks on October 7th or to control antisemitism on campus, a disastrous congressional hearing, and new plagiarism acusations.

Following the October 7th Hamas attacks on Israel, over thirty student organizations in Harvard published a letter, stating: “We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the israel regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”

Gay issued the following statement referring to the letter: “While our students have the right to speak for themselves, no student group — not even 30 student groups — speaks for Harvard University or its leadership”.

The university leadership, in another weak statement, proclaimed that they were, “heartbroken by the death and destruction unleashed by the attack by Hamas that targeted citizens in Israel this weekend, and by the war in Israel and Gaza now under way.”

unsubstantial responses from Harvard’s administration and those of fellow Ivies, Gay, Liz Magill, President of the University of Pennsylvania, and Sally Kornbluth, President of MIT, were called to a hearing by the US Congressional Education Committee. The presidents’ calls to contextualize antisemitism on campus, or even calls to genocide, led to severe backlash, and Magill resigned almost immediately.

Just after the congressional hearing, Gay was accused of plagiarism. These accusations referred to tens of instances in which Gay used material from other sources without proper acknowledgment and attribution. This scandal strengthened the drama surrounding Gay, and raised further questions about her qualifications and credibility as an academic leader.

Consequently, Gay was urged to resign by the board, and inevitably stepped down. Having started her duty just this past July 1st, she has the dubious distinction of having the shortest term ever by a Harvard president.

Harvard’s interim president is now Alan Garber, and Gay has returned to being a Professor in Harvard’s political science department.

It comes as a relief to Jews worldwide that Gay and Magill have stepped down, with donors have been pulling out of these universities. all presidents are and have been severely criticized and their actions have not gone unnoticed by the world. Jewish lives matter, and we will fight and prevail over antisemitism.

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