Three terrorists killed in a hospital in Jenin

Ibn Sina. Wikipedia, Amin

Early morning today (Tuesday), the YOSH Division carried out a surgical operation in the heart of Jenin, in northern Samaria, during which three terrorists who were hiding in the main Ben Sina hospital in the city were killed. This is a relatively unusual activity, and may indicate a change in the trend and IDF strategy: The tactic of taking shelter in hospitals and other sensitive locations has long spread from the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria, precisely because of the complexity of carrying out military action in the heart of civilian population. However, just as the IDF did not hesitate to surround and operate in hospitals in the Gaza Strip (ignoring international criticism from countries that do not understand the complexity of the situation), so did it not hesitate in the West Bank, proving that the time for games has run out, and that terrorists no longer have safe places to hide.

The three terrorists who were killed belonged to the Al-Qassam Brigades (the Hamas military wing) in the Jenin region. Two of them were brothers of the Al-Jazawi family, and the third, Muhammad Jalamneh, served as Hamas spokesman in the Jenin refugee camp. According to the IDF, Jalamana has been promoting terrorist attacks around Samaria in recent months, inspired by and trying to imitate the events of October 7. This was carried out by transferring money and weapons to terrorists and contacting foreign Hamas headquarters. His activity brought him to be considerd a ‘ticking bomb’, and dragged a special activity – in successful cooperation between the Shin Bet, the IDF, and SWAT fighters.

According to the reports of the hospital workers, it appears that this was an operation that was carried out in the best possible way, with no other occupant of the building being injured. The fighters disguised themselves as doctors and nurses, infiltrated the terrorists’ hiding room and killed them using weapon silencers.

“For a long time, a large number of wanted persons have been hiding in the hospitals and are using them as a basis for planning terrorist activity and for carrying out terrorist attacks, while they believe that the hospitals will serve as a defense against the activity of the security forces,” the IDF said in a statement regaurding the operation. “We will continue to act against any threat to the security of the State of Israel.”

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