Today: Elections for local authorities

Campaign in Haifa. Wikipedia, Hanay

This morning, polls were opened all over the State of Israel For the municipal elections. There are 258 local authorities in Israel – cities, local councils, and regional councils. From Jerusalem with its one million inhabitants to Metula with its two thousand citizens, more than 7 million Israelis with the right to vote will be able to exercise their democratic right and vote for the ‘Fourth governmental branch’ in the State of Israel, which has a considerable daily impact on the lives of each of us.

This year’s elections are held in the shadow of war. This is reflected in the timing – when the elections were supposed to take place last October (in accordance with the five-year cycle), but were postponed twice due to the outbreak of war; it is reflected in the discussion points – with many of the issues on the agenda related to the war and the security situation; And this is reflected in the preparations – with a large operation within the IDF, in order to allow as many soldiers and reserve soldiers to vote and influence.

The elections are held, as usual, in a double format – with each voter sending 2 ballots: A yellow note for mayor/council, and a white note for a list for the local council. This year, there are about 1,000 candidates for the leadership of municipalities, and almost 25 thousand candidates for various lists – a genuine democratic celebration, which expresses the social and governmental involvement of the citizens of Israel and the deep concern for our environment and our future.

The eyes are set mainly on the elections in the three largest cities in Israel: In Jerusalem, as opposed to last time, it seems that the victory of incumbent Mayor Moshe Leon is assured – after he was not challenged by a single, strong candidate. In Tel Aviv, the incumbent mayor Ron Huldai is trying to secure another term – a sixth in a row – and is facing some ambitious candidates of the “new generation”, led by the prominent politician Orna Barbivai. And in Haifa, the incumbent mayor Einat Klish-Rotem is expected to lose – but the question is to whom, when there may be a comeback by former mayor Yona Yahav. Councils and authorities evacuated from the northern border will also be chosen today, in an almost surreal fashion – with the hope that they will return home and be able to manage themselves as soon as posible.

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