Today in history: Israel is born

Today in 1948 the independence of the State of Israel was declared.

The Zionist movement began at the end of the 19th century, and many Jews started to arrive in the land of Israel. During the years of the British Mandate, the Jewish community succeeded in producing a demographic critical mass for the purpose of establishing a state, together with advanced public and economic institutions. But with the end of the British Mandate in May 1948 after the acceptance of the UN Partition Plan six months earlier, the declaration of independence was not self-evident: The Arab community, twice the size of the Jew, began a total war, and the Arab states around the Land of Israel threatened to invade as well. The superpowers also pressured to reject the declaration; but part of the leadership of the settlement led by the chairman of the People’s Council, David Ben-Gurion, believed it was a one-time opportunity, and that it was a must go on despite the risk. This position was accepted by the People’s Administration (acting government) by a majority of 6 to 4, and preparations for the declaration began: The state would be named Israel, and a founding document of principles was written – the Declaration of Independence, which Ben-Gurion read in front of the People’s Council in a short and compact ceremony at the Dizengoff Museum in Tel Aviv at Friday noon. The next day, British High Commissioner Alan Cunningham left the country, and the powers recognized the independence despite their previous positions. The State of Israel was established, and became a reality.

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