Minister Wasserlauf on a visit to Metula: “The responsibility to return the residents of the north to their homes safely rests with us”

The Minister for the Negev, the Galilee and National Security, Yitzhak Wasserlauf, visited Metula, the northernmost settlement in Israel, last night (Monday), after receiving special permission from the Ministry of Defense. During his visit, rockets and missiles were fired from the Lebanese border towards cities in the north.

During his visit, Minister Wasserlauf met with Mayor David Azulai, received a situational overview on the ground, and met with professional teams. He promised to transfer an immediate aid budget in the amount of hundreds of thousands of shekels for the purchase of emergency equipment and respite for the evacuated residents.

The minister said: “I salute the standby forces and the head of the council, David Azoulai, and his team, who are managing the security and civil event with courage and skill. During the visit, we discussed the challenges and the gaps and passed an immediate aid budget… I remind you, that the responsibility to return them to their homes safely rests with us. The responsibility is to take care of all their needs until they are returned to their homes, I will do everything I can to provide them with practical solutions and to remove bureaucratic barriers.”

The minister emphasized his commitment to take care of the needs of the evacuated residents and return them to their homes safely, while overcoming bureaucratic barriers and paying attention to the needs arising from the area.

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