Targeted activity of the IDF in the Gaza Strip: face-to-face combat against terrorist infrastructures

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Divisions 99 and 162 continue to operate in the center and south of the Gaza Strip: the forces are eliminating terrorists and destroying terrorist infrastructure throughout the Strip.

Division 162 continues targeted activity based on intelligence information in the Rafah area.
The forces of the combat teams of the Nahal and Givati ​​brigades located weapons and destroyed a number of captured buildings that posed a threat to the forces.

In the activity of the combat team fighters of the 401 brigade in the Tel Sultan neighborhood, the forces closed circles on terrorists who posed a threat to them and fought face to face with the help of drones.
A munitions warehouse was destroyed in the area from which anti-tank fire was fired at the forces, without casualties and grenades, explosives, military equipment and other explosive devices were found.
The fighters of Division 99 continue to operate in the center of the Strip. During the last day, the forces eliminated armed terrorists during short-range battles. In addition, several military buildings in the area were destroyed which were used for terrorist purposes and posed a threat to the fighters.

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