The prime minister announced: the war cabinet has come to an end

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Photo Credit: Meir Elipur
In an announcement made by the Prime Minister in the Political and Security Cabinet, the War Cabinet that was established after the seventh of October will be abolished and, according to estimates, the discussions will continue to take place in limited forums.

After Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot quit the government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday (Sunday) the dissolution of the “War Cabinet,” in light of Minister Ben Gabir’s demand to join the forum in their place.

Last week, Minister Ben Gabir addressed the Prime Minister in a letter about his demand to join the war cabinet “As a minister in the government, chairman of a party and a senior partner in the coalition, I hereby demand to join this cabinet.”

Netanyahu announced that he will hold the discussions in a limited forum that will be called ‘Kitchen Cabinet’. Similar type of “Mitbachon’s” or “Small Kitchens” existed in the past and proved their effectiveness. The term originated when meetings would take place in Prime Minister Golda Meir’s kitchen while she was cooking. There were Mitbachon’s in subsequent governments as well which were meetings of high level officials but with formal membership in a “War Cabinet” or similar.
In the political and security cabinet discussion, issues were raised to strengthen settlements in Judea and Samaria, and Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Speaker of the House Gali Behara were instructed to submit in the next cabinet vote the comments they wish to bring to the Prime Minister.

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