Today in History: The Ink flag

The Ink flag. Wikipedia, IDF

Today in 1949, IDF soldiers raised the “ink flag” in Um Rashsh (now Eilat).

In early 1949, the War of Independence was coming to a close, with recent operations and gradual signing of ceasefires between Israel and the Arab states. Almost all of the Negev was under light Jordanian control throughout the war, although in the partition plan it was given to the Jewish state – and Ben-Gurion saw great importance in the Negev, and access to the Red Sea. Thus, in early March, Israel began “Operation Ovdah (Fact)” for the occupation of the Negev, before the armistice agreements with Jordan were signed. 2 Brigades participated: Golani, who moved through the Eastern ‘Arava’, and the Negev Brigade, which advanced through the Negev mountains. A competition to the Red sea developed, and the Negev Brigade took risks on their way and won by a few hours. Jordanian and British forces fled from Um Rashrush, and above the local police station was a makeshift flag made of ink, raised by Avraham Aden, one of the company’s commanders (and later one of Israels leading generals). The successful conquest of the Negev without losses made the country very happy as its leadership, and the photo of the flag wave became iconic.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

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