Sinwar in the Hunt: A video from the tunnel

Since October 7, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has been one of the main targets of the Israeli security arms – alive or dead, preferably dead. Sinwar is the man behind Hamas’ strategy in recent years, and the “architect of the massacre” – the man who decided he was willing to sacrifice all the residents of the Gaza Strip under his leadership in order to achieve strategic goals from Israel, which the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will not necessarily enjoy at all. This is an unimaginable anti-leadership and pure evil, and the elimination of Sinwar is a task not only for Israel or for revenge, but for humanity at large.

At the beginning of the war, words of bravado and smugness were published by Sinwar, and as the director of negotiations for the return of the hostages to Israel by Hamas, he was the living spirit behind the harsh and excessive positions Hamas had placed before Israel. But the days passed, and the IDF began operating in Khan Yunis area, the supposed hiding place of Sinwar, according to reports. Since then, Sinwar has become disconnected, when, according to a description of the IDF commanders, he “escapes from a tunnel to a tunnel” from the progress of the IDF forces (and this is one of the reasons for the stalling of the negotiations in Cairo – Hamas is unable to defrost positions without the permission of its commander). As the Prophet Michaiah said: “Behold, thou shalt see in that day, when thou shalt go into an inner chamber to hide thyself.”

Yesterday (Tuesday), the IDF Spokesman released a video captured by fighters operating in Khan Yunis, which appears to be on a security camera from one of the tunnels. The video dates to the early days of the war, and shows a family advancing quickly in the tunnel – a woman, 2 girls, and a man in flip-flops holding a plastic bag – who was identified as a Sinwar by his shadow, which highlights his pointed ears. The video illustrates Sinwar’s precarious physical condition – not surrounded by dozens of bodyguards ready for any scenario, or by several kidnapped chained hostages – but by panic, and on the run with his family. The video (and the achievement of the video) demonstrates that Sinwar is vulnerable, and that the IDF will meet its target at one point or another – better sooner than later.

Photo source: IDF site

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