Today in histoey: Snow in Tel Aviv

Today in 1950, Tel Aviv had a large snowfall, a unique meteorological event.

The Land of Israel has very diverse climatic conditions, especially considering its small territory: Forests in the north to deserts in the south, mountains and valleys in the east to a coastal plain in the west. The relative dependence of Israel on weather conditions is known from ancient times, and is even mentioned in the Bible. But there are weather conditions that do not raise and lower sanitary and economic standards, but only constitute a curiosity – such as the Israeli snow, which is never strong enough to help or harm the crop. It usually snows a few times a year, in the north and in the central mountains; but in 1950 there was a unique event, in which snow reached the coastal plain and covered Tel Aviv with a white blanket. The event has since been remembered for favor and had positive cultural influences, although at the time it was seen as a relative disaster – many of the new immigrants who arrived in the huge wave of immigration in the first few years of the country (when the population doubled), and were housed in refugee camps (Ma’abarot) throughout the country – had no adequate winter equipment, and many of them were severely damaged.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

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