Today in history: Hebrew University

Today in 1925, the opening ceremony of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem took place.

The dream of the Hebrew University in the Land of Israel dates back to the days of the precursors of Zionism (in the Katowice Conference), and was seriously discussed in the Zionist congresses. In 1914, the Zionist Organization purchased land at Mount Scopus near Jerusalem for this purpose; the project was postponed due to World War I, but was renewed more strongly after the British occupation, and in 1918 a cornerstone was laid in the presence of General Allenby and the presence of clerics from all streams, including the Mufti of Jerusalem. The building of the university took a long time, during which the Arabs of Israel managed to boycott the Jewish settlement and the university’s vision; at the same time, Albert Einstein, the world-famous scientist, helped promote the project in the world, and even came to Israel and gave an incomprehensible lecture on the theory of relativity he developed. In April 1925, the university building was opened with a large ceremony of 3 days, in the presence of Zionist leaders (Weizmann, Sokolov), British government officials (Balfour, Herbert Samuel), rabbis (such as Rabbi Kook), intellectuals (Tchernichovsky, Bialik, Echad Ha’am) and international representatives. The university, which was the second in the country (before the Technion), quickly became very prominent and accepted on an international level, and is currently headquartered in Jerusalem on two campuses.

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