Today in History: Israeli educational television

In 1966, the educational television program was launched.

Television was developed in the early 20th century, and during the 50s it became a popular piece of furniture in most of the Western world. However, television did not penetrated Israel, mainly because of the government’s concerns about its negative effects on the youth, and the waste of time it will cause for the general public (during this period the Israeli government’s ‘Education Committee’ had a fairly strict censorship line). But in 1966, with American influence on Israel increasing, the government agreed (in cooperation with CBS News) to start bringing television in Israel, and to establish a channel – but a channel devoted solely to educational purposes. Education was directly subordinated to the Ministry of Education, broadcasting mainly educational materials. But the perception of the Israeli government changed after the Six-Day War, when it realized that public television could be used as a means of effective propaganda for the population and the world. In 1968, the first channel, which broadcast news and foreign content, was opened, and educational television was also transferred to it. Over the years, the education program has become less educational, and the broadcasting market has undergone extensive decentralization, with the Israeli viewer now enjoying a fairly extensive supply.

Photo Source: Wikipedia

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