Today in History: Operation Antebbe-Yonatan

In 1976, an Air France plane was hijacked to Antebbe, Uganda, leading to Operation Yonatan.

An Air France 139 aircraft carrying over 100 Israeli passengers was hijacked in June 1976 on its way from Israel (with a stop in Athens) to Paris by 4 German (anarchist) and Palestinian terrorists, who landed it in Entebbe, Uganda, on the shore of Lake Victoria. Uganda’s mad dictator Idi Amin collaborated with the kidnappers, who demanded that Israel release dozens of imprisoned terrorists, or that they begin slow execution of the hostages. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Defense Minister Shimon Peres formed a raid force composed of elite fighters led by Yoni Netanyahu to rescue the hostages, while they were stalling and smearing the terrorists until July 4, when the operation was carried out. The operation surprised the Ugandans and terrorists, and ended successfully, with the killing of all the terrorists, along with the death of 3 of the hostages and Yoni Netanyahu himself, after whom the operation was named. The operation, which took place thousands of kilometers away from Israel and was so successful, caused worldwide upheaval, anger in the Third World and sympathy in the West .

Photo Source: Wikipedia

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