Temporary new apartments for the evacuees of the front


Since the outbreak of the war, many of the largest construction companies in Israel have volunteered to contribute their part to the national war effort. The field in which they could help was, naturaly, helping hundreds of thousands of evacuees from the northern and southern communities and towns, who were temporarily settled in hotels and various residential settings throughout the country until the rage will pass – for a period of time that keeps geting longer. To this end, many of the companies found empty and available flats in various projects throughout the country, which could currently house the displaced population.

The Yuvalim Company, for example, absorbed 90 evacuated families in Tzur-Yitzhak and Hod Hasharon in the Merkaz. The Harsoff and ‘Amram Avraham’ companies also absorbed many families, and all of the companies contributed to the families basic living tools for use in the empty apartments. The Rei/Max brokerage firm has established a free brokerage center for evacuees, linking them to dedicated free apartments. Indeed, in this war we will undoubtedly need the help of all sectors, including the Real estate.

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