A failed attack in India – and profit for Israel

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An explosion occurred on Tuesday near the Israeli embassy in India, in the city of New Delhi. According to the local police, the explosion was caused by an detonative device, and no one was injured in the incident. It may seem like an anonymous incident, until the timing is taken into account – one day after the assassination of Razi Mussawi, the senior IRG official in Syria, in an attack attributed to Israel. The Iranians have promised revenge, and as we know with our bitter experience, Iranian revenge is often expressed not only in Israeli territory, but also against Israeli (or Jewish) targets around the world. For decades, the Iranian regime has been investing in the creation of a network of dormant terrorist cells in countless countries, with the aim of activating them at the moment of will. Attacks against the embassy in India have already been carried out, not too distantly in the past.

But it is also possible that the Iranian choice in India as a platform for carrying out the attack is not accidental: In recent years, there has been a significant rapprochement between India and Israel, and between India and the West as a whole. This was reflected only a few months ago in the presentation of the American plans for a new trade and oil route from India to Europe, which will pass through Saudi Arabia and Israel (as part of the normalization process). Since the outbreak of the war, India has taken a more compromising stance on Israel than on the past. The Iranians see the Indians as “traitors” to the Third World and the anti-Western league, and possibly, in an attack on their land, they tried to send a threatening message to the Indian government – one that expresses that Iran is able to operate freely. This additude is also reflected in Iran’s attack on an Israeli affiliated ship in the Arab Sea a few days ago, off the coast of India (in an action that may have led Israel to attack Mousavi in the first place).

In any case, for the time being, it seems that the Indians do not feel particularly threatened by Iran, and only a few days ago, the Indian Defense Minister sent his own threats to the Houthis over their activities. In an increasingly polarizing world, India seems to be clear on the direction that it wants to move forward; and due to India’s growth and the expectation that it will become an economic and global power in a short period of time, the threat from Iran seems to be feeble, and Israel seems to be a very strong potential ally.

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