An extensive raid to thwart terrorism in Jenin

Photo source: IDF website

This (Tuesday) morning, IDF forces under the command of the Menashe brigade and the Judea and Samaria Division, in an intelligence cooperation with the Shin Bet, have begun a large-scale operation to thwart the organization of a terrorist infrastructure in Jenin. The operation involves hundreds of fighters, soldiers (including special unit fighters) and Border Police, who began the raid by surprise with undercover operations. So far, our forces have targeted dozens of terrorists and taken control of several locations throughout the city; according to Palestinian reports, 7 people have been killed by Israeli forces activity in the city.

In the short term, this operation is a direct continuation of the operation carried out a few days ago (Friday), in which the IDF killed Islam Hamaisa, a senior terrorist who has been operating in the city for many years and is identified with the Islamic Jihad (and was responsible, among others, for the attack that took place in Hermesh about a year ago, In which an Israeli civilian was killed) in an attack on a room that served as an operational command center for the PIJ infrastructure operating in the city and in the area. The success of the assassination gave rise to the understanding among the security forces that this is the time to act more powerfully in the city – whether because it is a time of weakness for the organization, or whether the intelligence following the attack changed the picture of the situation.

And in the long run, the operation is a continuation of the frequent IDF raids in Jenin every few months, over the past three years, which culminated last July, in Operation Bait-VaGan, in which some 15 terrorists were killed. The Palestinian Authority has long since lost its security control over the city, and the IDF has a growing need to carry out “lawn mowing” operations in the face of new organizations that are emerging. This is a successful tactical solution, and indeed the IDF proves its success and material and intelligence superiority repeatedly; but a strategic solution for the city of Jenin is also required, which even successful raids will not be able to provide.

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