Heart of Darkness: A senior IRGC official was killed in an air strike

Raza Mousavi, a senior commander in the rank equivalent to a Brigadier General in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, was killed today in an airstrike. According to Iran, Mousavi has been a “senior advisor” to the Guards for 30 years, and is responsible for “coordinating the military relations between Syria and Iran,” which included logistic transfers (i.e., weapons transfers) and money management (i.e., terrorist funds). The attack was carried out in the area of a-Saida Zainab, which is on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria. warehouses used by pro-Iranian militias were also damaged.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are the body whose goal is to “export” the Iranian revolution to the wider world. the operational body of the Guards – a special organization called the Quds Force, was directed to the Levant countries and the struggle against Israel. among other things, it dealt with arming Hezbollah and pro-Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq. In recent years, the civil wars and the weakness of these countries have led to a deepening of Iran’s entrenchment in them, and a significant increase in the threat to Israel. Qassem Soleimani was the leader of the Quds Force for many years, until he was killed by the American army in 2019; Mousavi, who was now killed, was Soleimani’s close friend and adviser.

Naturally, the Iranians accuse Israel of the assault and threaten a harsh response. The affair places another spotlight on Iran’s involvement in the outbreak of the Gazan war, as Hamas’s main supplier of weapons, intelligence and funds. In addition, in recent days, Iran has been accused of directly attacking a vessel with an Israeli connection in the Indian Ocean, which increases the charge against Iran as violator of the freedom of navigation, as expressed in their support for the Houthis in Yemen. So far, the Iranians have refrained from directly attacking Israel, and it seems that the Americans are also somewhat deterred from Iran. However, Israel made it clear today (ostensibly) that it is not afraid of hitting Iranian targets, and is ready and willing to deal with evolving threats.

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