IDF: Inside the Tunnels of Rafah: The Islamic Jihad’s Largest Long-Range Rocket Production Site in the Gaza Strip

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson Unit
In precise, intelligence-based operational activity, the combat teams of the Commando Brigade, the 401st Brigade and the Yahalom Unit under the command of the 162nd Division, conducted a targeted raid on an outpost and underground production site belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the Tel al-Sultan area in Rafah.

IDF: IDF troops located the Islamic Jihad’s largest underground site for the production of rocket parts and long-range rockets in the Gaza Strip.

During the operation, Commando and Yahalom soldiers operated simultaneously above and below ground to eliminate terrorists with drones and precise missiles.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization has manufactured hundreds of rockets at this site over the past few years.

The destruction of the outpost and the underground production site damages the Islamic Jihad’s ability to produce and fire rockets at Israeli civilians and communities.

This video shows the IDF destruction of this weapon factory. The IDF has been working methodically and carefully to destroy the massive amount of terror infrastructure that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have spread throughout Gaza, primarily in civilian areas, under mosques, schools, hospitals and apartments.

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