Scratching the bottom: A rocket barrage towards Tel-Aviv

Rocket launching. IDF website

Today (Sunday), around 14 P.M., alarms were heard in Tel Aviv and other cities in Gush Dan, due to a barrage of 8 medium-range rockets fired by Hamas from the Gaza Strip. Most of the rockets were successfully intercepted, but there was a report of a moderate hit of a house in Herzliya as a result of shrapnel. 2 women were injured on their way to the protected area.

Over the years, Firing toward the center cities, Israel’s beating heart, has been a message of strength and ability to paralyze Israel on the side of Hamas. But this time, it seemed that this was the ancore of Hamas’s rocket capabilities. This is the first time in two months that alarms have been heard in Gush Dan, which in the most tangible way symbolizes the massive emptying of inventory held by Hamas. If at the beginning of the war there were frequent alarms in the center of Israel, there has been since a significant decrease in the quantity (i.e., an increase in the time between the voltages), and in quality (i.e., the number of rockets in each voltage). If there is a concrete achievement for the war at hand, it is the removal of Hamas’ rocket threat to Israel. There are likely to be additional alarms, both in the area and in the Dan region – but this is a phenomenon that is about to become extinct in Israel, at least from the southern front.

In addition, the rocket fire indicates Israel’s strength – due to the source of the launch: The depth of the city of Rafah. Aaccording to reports, it is only hundreds of meters away from our manoeuvring forces. It seems that the Hamas leadership in Rafah felt pressure due to the deepening of the maneuver, and saw a need to “empty inventory” before the rockets were completely confiscated by the IDF. This proves the value of the ground maneuver in Rafah, and gives some backing to continue it despite the severe international pressure imposed on Israel. In addition, this may indicate a weakening of the command capabilities of the Hamas Rafah Brigade; as we recall, the IDF attacked on Friday the headquarters of Muhammad Shabaneh, the brigade commander, and are currently waiting for a certain indication to declare his assassination and death. We are Not far from the day when the fate of the Rafah Brigade will be as the fate of the neighboring Khan Yunis Brigade – dismantling to battalions, companies and small units with lower and lower capabilities.

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