The IDF spokesman confirms: a significant terrorist who ran Hezbollah’s air defense system was eliminated

Photo credit: IDF
The IDF allowed publication this evening that yesterday (Saturday) a Hezbollah terrorist who is a significant center of knowledge in the terrorist organization's air defense system was eliminated.

The IDF attacked and eliminated the terrorist Mitham Metzafa Alter using an Air Force aircraft in the Baalbak region. Alter was a significant center of knowledge in Hezbollah’s air defense system. He also took part in the planning and execution of a variety of terrorist operations against the State of Israel.

Mitham acquired his knowledge during his visits to Iran and assisted in the strengthening of Hezbollah with Iranian weapons. The assassination constitutes another damage to the capabilities of Hezbollah’s air defense system.

In a statement on behalf of the IDF spokesman, he added: The Air Force will continue to operate where necessary, including in the skies over Lebanon to remove a threat from the residents of the State of Israel and to carry out IDF missions.

IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari gave an overview of the situation with Hezbollah:

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