The injured from an anti-tank strike in the north: an American citizen in Israel on behalf of a drone company

Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson
An American citizen who apparently came to instruct reservists on behalf of the drone company he works for, was seriously injured by an anti-tank missile in the north. He was taken to Nahariya Hospital where he reported a worsening of his medical condition.

During the heavy barrages launched yesterday (Sunday) from Lebanon, a 31-year-old American citizen was seriously injured by an anti-tank missile that fell on a building in the area of ​​Zerait in the Western Galilee, near the outpost near the border with Lebanon. As first published on Ynet, this is an employee of an American company, that sold or donated drones to reservists and the company’s employees came to instruct the soldiers on how to use them as well as install some of the relevant systems, apparently without the company’s approval. In addition to the injury to the American citizen, an Israeli citizen and a reservist were also slightly injured.

The Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya reported that the American citizen suffered from shrapnel injuries in his upper body, and due to the worsening of his condition, he was admitted to the operating room. It was also reported that the other two injured, an Israeli citizen (42) and a soldier (25) who were slightly injured, were hospitalized in a surgical department.

The aforementioned incident is being investigated by the Northern Command and the IDF stated that the investigation will be concluded in the coming days.

After additional alarms were activated in the north this evening, the IDF spokesman announced that “Air Defense fighters successfully intercepted a number of aerial targets that crossed from Lebanon to the areas of Mount Dov and Dafna. Also, the fall of an explosive UAV was detected in an open area in the Hermon region, there are no casualties.” Minutes after his announcement, alarms were set off again, this time in the northern Golan Heights, after which he announced that “air defense fighters successfully intercepted a suspicious aerial target that crossed Lebanese territory.”

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