The son of Noa and Nir, who were killed by Hezbollah fire, said goodbye: “Thank you mom and dad, for the best life there is”

Photo: Couple killed by Hezbollah rocket. Photo used according to section 27a of the copyright Law
The eldest son of Noa and Nir Burns, who were killed by a direct hit to their vehicle in the Golan Heights, paid tribute to his parents on Instagram: "Pure people in mind and body. Good people who always helped everyone."

The eldest son of Noa and Nir Burns, who were killed yesterday (Tuesday) by a direct hit to their vehicle, wrote on his Instagram account, “I have no words to describe how hurt and confused I am. I feel that I have not been told enough, I can’t believe it.”

The serious incident occurred after a heavy barrage of about 40 rockets fired from Lebanese territory. Initially, it was reported that the two were mortally wounded and later it was announced that they had been pronounced dead. Noa and Nir left 3 children. Nir previously worked as the CEO of the “Kibbutz Ortal Tourism” hospitality complex and managed the chicken coop branch of the farm, and Noa worked as a chocolate maker and workshop leader and also worked as the secretary of the plantation branch in the kibbutz.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the best life there is. You taught me so many things that today I am strong from. I know you are proud of me up there, and I’m sure you’re sitting and saying, ‘Wow, what a family we have.’ I wanted to say sorry if I offended you, you are the air for my breath. Good people who always helped everyone, every minute with them is joy and laughter, I will always remember that Burns is a brand,” wrote Matan.

Before his parents’ funeral, Matan referred to the status of ‘orphans’ and said: “We are not alone, and every time they write to us that they left us orphans, we are really, really not orphans. We have family and friends of my parents who surround us. I want to tell my parents that they are amazing, amazing parents, amazing and I will never forget it.” He also added and wrote about his parents: “They gave me everything and gave me the best life I’ve ever had. They now gave me the responsibility of looking after my brothers, and I think they gave me that honor. And that’s it. I’m ready to make this decision on myself. I have people with me who will always help me.”

Hagar Ader, Noa’s sister, shared, “We are still in shock. They took half a day off for errands in Carmiel, I spoke to them half an hour before it happened. I can’t believe that Noa is gone, we were three sisters. Next Friday we were supposed to have a sister’s night. We will embrace the children with the whole family, they understand and know what happened and share in the decisions we will have to make.”

Yaron Levy, a close friend of the couple, said in an interview with the Ma’ariv newspaper, “My family and I moved to the kibbutz seven years ago, and Noel’a and Niro were our receptive family. Niro and Noel’a took care of everything for us, made sure that we lacked nothing, generously and generously. They They became our best friends in a close daily relationship, we traveled abroad together, we were together all the time. Thanks to them, the kibbutz became a home for us.” He also referred to Matan’s strengths and said: “Their eldest son just finished 12th grade and he surprised me with his strengths after the tragedy, he is a very strong and intelligent boy.”

Kibbutz Ortal, where the Burns family lives, said: “But a heavy burden fell on Kibbutz Ortal. Noa and Nir Burns, members of the kibbutz, were killed by a direct hit in their car. Noa and Nir were central and beloved members of Ortal. They came to Ortal in 2012. The Ortal community is strong and cohesive, strengthening the family and dealing with the situation.”

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