Unity in Israeli Broadcasting: The reporters of the competing Israeli TV channels help each other broadcast from the tunnels

Photo credit: Freepik
Have you ever wondered how the news reporters who enter the tunnels in Gaza manage to film and broadcast at the same time? The answer is a little "kitschy" but conveys the point: "Yachad N'natze'ach" meaning only together, like slogan of this war.

Those who thought that Israeli channels 11, 12, and 13 only compete with each other and cannot get along are invited to check again after the moving video published by Yehuda Schlesinger, correspondent of Israel Today.

In the video posted on the reporter’s X account, reporters from the competing channels are seen helping each other to pose for broadcast from the tunnels in Gaza. In the video, a News 11 reporter can be seen shining a flashlight on a News 12 reporter, who is transmitting to a camera held by a News 13 reporter.

The video echoes in its way a message of unity that has been heard quite a bit since the beginning of the war, and demonstrates in a simple and sweet way how only “together we will win”.


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