“We’re going home”: Captain Roy Miller

Roy miller. IDF

This (Thursday) morning, the death Captain Roy Miller, a platoon commander in the Rotem Battalion of the Givati Brigade was allowed to be published. Miller, a 21-year-old resident of Herzliya, was killed when he encountered terrorists in a building in the northern Gaza Strip, in an incident in which two other soldiers from the battalion were wounded. Miller is the second officer in the rank of captain killed yesterday, after the death of late Captain Eli Lugsi of the 7th Brigade in an incident in the Netzarim corridor.

Miller was a member of a religious family, and according to eulogies sounded like a real prodigy – with a degree in engineering and the competition in the District Bible Quiz. The legacy of the Bible clearly struck him when he chose to be a fighter and later an officer, and when he fought in the war during the last nine months. But these values came clearly from home – as expressed in his mother Ariella Miller’s eulogy of her son: “They [soldiers of the Rotem Battalion] entered Gaza singing ‘I believe’, his soldiers, like most of the fighters, religious and secular alike, wear Pacers of the Temple and Messiah, thus bringing the Holy Spirit into the impure Gaza and purifying it. We are now a people on a journey out of Egypt, just as we could enter the Land of Israel on the Exodus from Egypt in 11 days, and the journey took 40 years, so our journey in the demonic little strip. This is a battle conducted only by the Creator so that we can unite within ourselves. We will be in mutual guarantee with each other, and we will strengthen faith in the Creator of the world.”

“Haredim, secular, religious – we here share together the land of the Land of Israel, land that belongs to us as part of the Promised Land, and Gaza is an inseparable part of it. We’re not a conqueror nation – we’re going home. Return to the roots in all respects. We are a spiritually strong people, and we are a light to the nations because we chose to be so, and this is a task that we must fulfill. We must learn from the pure soldiers what is unity, shared fate, and a strong belief in the Creator of the world… I am proud of my kind and handsome son, who excelled at everything, proud of his fighting spirit in his election, and of his concern for his troops and others. “My own personal salvation soldier,” I called him… I won 22 incredible years minus a week… Faith will win. Captain Roy Miller’s mother – proud of you, I won.”

IDF forces continue to operate in the northern Gaza Strip with full force, especially in the Shajaiya neighborhood near the Nahal Oz border. Yesterday, Hamas launched a small surface-to-air missile towards a helicopter that was out of the strip, but missed and hit a house in Kfar Maimon instead. The house suffered minor damage, no fatalities and injuries, but there are some anxiety victims.

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