Defense against Hezbollah: hundreds of millions were allocated from the Ministry of Defense

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
In response to the problem of UAVs that penetrate Lebanese territory and sometimes manage to evade the air defense system, the Ministry of Defense allocated hundreds of millions to the deployment of cannons in the Galilee and the improvement of the Iron Dome system.

Since the beginning of the war, the air defense fighters using the Iron Dome system have intercepted over 150 aircraft that penetrated Lebanese territory, but at the same time there were quite a few hits that caused great damage to body, soul and property. The reason that the UAV sometimes succeeds in penetrating the air defense is due to the low altitude and speed at which it flies, as well as due to the hidden places from which it is launched, which together creates difficulty in identifying the target and as a result of its interception. In response to this, the Ministry of Defense allocated hundreds of millions to the deployment of cannons in the Galilee and Technological improvements in the Iron Dome system which will lead, according to estimates, within three months to a solution and protection against the UAVs that manage to penetrate the defense system. Despite this, the Ministry of Defense emphasizes that: “There is no hermetic blockade” and therefore it is important to obey the directives of the Home Front Command during an alarm.

In addition, the IDF is trying to bring back the Vulcan cannons – this is a six-barreled cannon that fires explosive shells with a diameter of 20 mm that is usually mounted on aircraft. The rate of fire of the Vulcan cannon when on an APC is about 1,000 shells per minute practically, and 3,000 theoretically.

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