Breakthrough: the ultra-Orthodox woman who established an ultra-orthodox civil guard for women

Girls and Women of Breslov, Wikipedia
Leah Ferris-Weiss: "It's a great pride and I see it as a mission." Along with a critical eye towards the issue of recruiting the ultra-Orthodox, one should keep an eye open for miraculous phenomena such as this.

After the severe terrorist attack on Simchat Torah (October 7th), Leah Ferris-Weiss from the town of Modiin Illit felt a strong need to contribute and help the people of Israel. First, she mobilized to help evacuees from the south find temporary housing and provide them with the necessary necessities. After that, she acted to support reservists’ wives and the children of reservists from the ultra-orthodox and religious community, and even organized events for them.

But Ferris-Weiss felt that was not enough. She wanted to do more and subsequently decided to volunteer for the Civil Guard. Furthermore, she aspired to recruit more ultra-Orthodox women to volunteer with her.

At first, she tried to contact the “HaShomerim” (Watchmen) organization in Modiin Illit, but they avoided her. After that, she tried to cooperate with the police in the city, but when the rabbis heard about it – they ordered them cancel the planned training in the city.

But Leah did not give up and founded the initiative in the city of Jerusalem. Leah said in an interview with Ynet:

“For me, it is a great pride that the Israel Police gave us the opportunity to come and volunteer, and welcomed us with open arms. There was the usual bureaucracy, that everyone goes through, but they welcomed us with open arms. Most of the responses, to be honest, are responses of ‘All the best,’ Doing Kiddush Hashem (Sanctifying God)’, ‘May God protect you'”.

On the difficulty arising from the ultra-orthodox sector she said:

“The truth is that for some people I believe it doesn’t work out, but I am really doing my mission, which I feel should be done starting on October 7. The police really need volunteers, and for me it is a great pride and I see it as a mission. I believe that in everything there are people who are less likely to connect From those close to me, I received only positive reactions.”


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