The Minister of Defence visited the northern border after an exchange of fire

Qasam Rockets. Wikipedia, IDF

This (Wednesday) afternoon, heavy exchanges of fire took place on the northern front, when the IDF attacked dozens of targets in Lebanese villages and towns along the border. At the same time, in response, the Hezbollah terrorist organization launched dozens of rockets, drones and anti-tank missiles at towns along the Israeli border, with damage to property only. Later, the IDF carried out two precise attacks, in the town of Al-Hayam and in the village of Balida, in which five Hezbollah terrorists were killed. Other targets were attacked by artillery.

In parallel with this sudden warming, Defence Minister Yoav Galant visited Division 91 headquarters (the Galilee division) and held an assessment of the situation with its officers. At the conclusion of examining the events of today and approving plans for the future, Galant summarized the strategic situation as seen from his point of view: “We have pushed Hezbollah from the contact lines to significant distances, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone… In order to bring the residents back safely, we need an agreement process or an operational process, and it is the duty of the army to prepare the operational process. I am determined to return the residents to their homes safely and rebuild the destroyed infrastructure. I am aware of the need, and in many ways of the feeling that the task is not completed, and it is indeed not. War is something that has prices, and it will be heavy for Israel and catastrophic for Hezbollah and Lebanon… this could be a hot summer.”

While the northern arena is waiting for the summer heat, in the Judea and Samaria arena, it seems that the heat has already arrived in the spring. In the evening, the death of Yatav Halevi, a Border Police fighter who was wounded in an operation that took place last Saturday in Deir a-Ghuson near Tulkarm, was determined. In the operation, a lengthy battle took place with a squad of five terrorists who carried out various attacks in the area, including the murder of Elhanan Klein in November. Halevi was the son of Yoram Halevi, the former SWAT commander and senior officers of the Jerusalem District. “He was one of the best and bravest warriors of the police,” said a friend of the family. May his memory be blessed.

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